ACSI Camp 2013

How do we as fast as possible halve carbon emissions from our freight traffic in cities?

August 26th – 29th some 100 people will gather from around the world in Malmö in order to find solutions to current social challenges. They are coming for Sweden’s first ACSI Camp and one of the companies involved is Volvo Trucks. They want to find new ways to accelerate the development of freight traffic in our cities and their goal is to reduce carbon emissions by half.

– In addition to reducing carbon emissions, we want to contri-bute to less noise and less crowded traffic. More and more people are settling into cities and freight transport systems need to be improved quickly. Since this issue is in line with our values, we choose to be part of the ACSI Camp, says Martin Bramsved, CSR Manager at Volvo Trucks.

The values Martin is referring to is partly Volvo Trucks’ vision to become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions, and partly about the company’s three core values: quality, safety and environmental care.

– Combating global climate change is a major challenge for the transportation industry. Because we are one of the industry players, we want to be involved and help reduce carbon emissions. Enhancing the efficiency of transport in big cities, finding solutions for energy efficiency and finding alternative fuels are questions we have worked with for long. Here we are happy with and contribute to our knowledge, says Martin Bramsved and highlights:

– We simply want to accelerate progress and get more people to realize the urgent need to use the technology and the knowl-edge that actually exists. We know basically what solutions we have to work with, but it is moving too slow.

During the past three years Volvo Trucks has been working on a project in Gothenburg, ”Climate Smart City Distribution”, and the company hopes that by participating in the ACSI Camp this will become a kind of continuation of this work.

– Within the project we have managed to show that it is possible to dramatically reduce carbon emissions by using alternative fuels and new vehicle technologies. With new, more efficient logistics solutions for freight traffic in cities it is possible to achieve even better results, says Martin Bramsved.

Martin BramsvedMartin believes that collaboration and cooperation is the best way to address these challenges, to work together towards the future.

– We know that these challenges are difficult and complex and we need innovative approaches to solve them. We hope that experts and innovators at the ACSI Camp will contribute with ideas that we can work with and put into practice, in Sweden and in Europe. If we, through interaction, can find good examples and concepts that work, then we will be happy to recommend this to others, he concludes.

Facts Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks is part of the Volvo Group, Sweden’s largest corporation and also one of the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles. Volvo Trucks are sold in approximately 140 countries and produced in 15 countries, with 2,300 service points. Approximately 20 000 employees per year ensure that more than 100,000 trucks can be delivered annually, worldwide.

Written by Lotta Solding,
English translation by Rebecca Allen Lamptey


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